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Equine Lease Agreement Form: What You Should Know

Lessee enter into this Agreement(s) they are agreeing that they are each of _____ age, and understand that this Agreement is for their and/or their family's own personal use. Agreement (subject to amendment); 1.  Ownership. Owner is the original owner of the Property and the Lessor is the owner of the Property to which the Property has been conveyed. 2.  Term.  The Term shall be for the term of the Lessee's obligation to pay the purchase price, and shall be extended by a reasonable extension of the Lessee's reasonable duration of service. 3.  Termination. Any extension of the Term, provided expressly by the Lessee in writing shall be conclusive. 1.  Lessor. Leaser is the owner, or a person duly authorized by the owner, of the Property to which the Property has been conveyed, and Lessee is its agent to exercise the rights, powers and authority set forth in this Agreement. 2.  Notice to Owner. Lessor shall cause Owners (or Lessee) to be notified of the intention to convey and convey the Property by mail to one address only (including, but not limited to, City Hall, Ohio City. City office. Or any other office, address, email or telephone number listed on Lessee's documents) within 5 business days after the Lessor's acceptance of the offer to sell (or other bona fide execution and delivery of the Offer to Seller) and Owner must, within 21 days of notification by Lessor, accept the Offer subject to these terms and conditions. 3.  Sale. After 24 hours of receipt by Owner of Lessor's acceptance of the Offer to Sell. Lessor (or Lessee), at its option and without any further notice or consent, may exercise the rights of Seller. 4.  Lessee's Liability.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Equine Lease Agreement

Instructions and Help about Equine Lease Agreement

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