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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Horse lease agreement with option to purchase

Instructions and Help about Horse lease agreement with option to purchase

Hi guys Samuel Leeds here and today I wanted to just give a little bit of information on lease option agreement and the paper that you should be using and a little bit about the structure of them and how they work and that kind of stuff so if you're actively looking for lease option agreements or if you're interested in the whole idea of buying properties without using any money then this video might be really helpful for you so first thing is what is a lease option agreement and do they really work yes absolutely I built up quite a lot of my property portfolio through lease option agreements and just in the last three weeks I've secured three the lease option agreement deals so at least option agreements absolutely are fantastic in fact the ideal what I did at lease option agreement deal that I did back in 2022 and now it's 2022 in five years time I secured it there with no money down every single month I've been making a profit of 350 pounds a month which isn't amazing but it's not bad considering I didn't put anything down to start with a bot from about a thousand pound legal fees so friend of McDonagh month but actually over five years by the cumulative a capital appreciation of fifty five thousand pounds so that's over ten thousand pounds a year pause the rental income and I didn't put anything down for it at all so that was a fantastic deal what I want to talk to you today today about is the paper you should be using I mean I need people that have come onto my property investors crash course they learn about how to do lease option agreements they go crazy they secured some lease option agreements and they effectively take over the mortgage and they're making money every single month and that's great but they haven't had the felicity draw up the paperwork properly which is gonna be a problem you don't have to do all the Facebook the popular you can take it on and you can make money from it and that's fantastic however after three five seven years whenever you come to buy the property if you haven't had the seller be legally represented by a solicitor and had a bespoke contract drawn up a lease option agreement professionally drawn up if you haven't done that when you come to buy the property at the end of the term it will have probably gone up considerably in value because property prices rise over time and if the seller says hey I don't want us to have to do now I want to sell with an estate agent and make an extra twenty fifty hundred thousand pounds you've effectively lost out on tens of thousands of pounds just for the sake of a few hundred pounds of Jamie drawn up properly so I would really really encourage you guys.


If you sign a lease to purchase agreement, can you back out after a year because you’ve decided to not purchase?
Yes, but . . .You’d be in the same position as if you’d simply signed a purchase agreement (forget the lease part) and then backed out. You’ll lose your down payment, plus be responsible for any other charges included in the purchase agreement. If the lease-purchase agreement included any rent credits for purchasing, you’d lose those, too.And it’s possible that the seller could sue you for damages. Let’s say you’d agreed to buy the property for $300,000 but property values in the area have declined and the property is now only worth $275,000. The seller could argue that he could have sold the property a year earlier for $300,000 but, based on your promise to buy, he didn’t. Now the property is only worth $275,000. He claims damages of $25,000.Any properly written lease-purchase agreement spells out all these possibilities. Read the agreement. Then contact a lawyer.
I want to build a cottage on someone else's property and rent it out. What would be a way to structure a deal with the landowner? A lease-purchase agreement? Profit share?
I agree with Scott, you'll need a real estate attorney to put the deal on paper for you.What you propose is very similar to how leases work with shopping centers and gas stations. These are often called a "land lease." The person leasing the land pays rent to the owner and is usually responsible for all taxes and insurance. They also assume liability for anything that happens on the land, whether they use the land themselves or sub-lease it to someone else. If someone builds a structure on the land, that structure may become the property of the land owner at the conclusion of the lease or if the tenant (you) defaults on lease payments. There are many variables, so it is good to discuss your specific situation with a broker or attorney who has experience in this area.
I am trying to move into an apartment from out of state. However, the lease document is different from the verbal agreement I had with the salesperson. I cannot reach the apartment staff to discuss this. What are my options?
Your options would depend on the terms under which you placed a "deposit" for the apartment. Those terms should be stated on the rental application you submitted.Absent any terms to the contrary, and depending on the laws of your state, their acceptance of your deposit --in and of itself-- could be construed to have established a tenancy, or the intent to create a tenancy, even though there was no written lease executed by the parties. This you would have to discuss with a lawyer.If by "deposit" you mean a security deposit and/or first month's rent, and the money was accepted, then that's an entirely different matter.Your instincts are correct and you should follow them. Simply put, if they wanted to rent the apartment to you then you would have a signed lease by now. Hopefully you saw other suitable apartments while you were there that you can rent as a back-up plan.Good luck.
How can I break my Pennsylvania home lease agreement without penalty? I got a new job in another state and have to move out immediately.
I’m going to make the assumption that you have read your lease agreement and that it states clearly that there is a penalty for breaking it. So, rather than hiring a lawyer in Pennsylvania who might be able to help you for a fee, you get on Quora in the hopes that some schmuck with some knowledge of Pennsylvania real estate law will help you out for nothing. How am I doing so far?
My girlfriend and I live together and have trcently broke up but still have 6 months on our lease what’s the best option to terminate the lease? Or any suggestions on how to come to a mutual agreement
Contact your landlord and see if he's willing to come to a mutually acceptable termination of the lease. Be prepared to come up with 2 or 3 months rent as liquidated damages.Draw straws to see who stays in the unit and who leaves.Suck up to the fact that you're going to have to tolerate each other for 6 more months.
I own land in central California and wish to generate solar power and sell it to PG&E. How easy/fast is it to get a power purchase agreement? Are there any other options?
This is a great question. PPAs are a fairly standard document used in the solar industry these days. The process is not as straight forward as you might have found out in your search. My legal team has done some of the largest PPA deals in the USA and I would be happy to lend a hand to help you get this project going. I also have access to capital to finance a project of your size. Please shoot me an email if you would like to talk further: james@joinwatt.com
How hard is it to find and rent out a house using a lease option?
Lease option arrangements are like hen's teeth in a "seller's market" and all too common in a "buyer's market." Currently, most of the US  and plenty of places around the globe are in a seller's market.However, there can be micro buyer's and seller's market based on local and regional economic conditions. Southern California Quakes chronicles the aerospace downturn in the early 1990's when the rest of the country was reasonably normal: Two years after the end of the Cold War, Southern California`s  perennially prosperous economy is reeling from a New England-style free fall, with few signs that the region`s steepest plunge since the Great  Depression will be reanytime soon.Engorging itself on unprecedented defense contracts and an explosive real estate and financial boom during the go-go years of Ronald Reagan`s military buildup, California had it made in the shade relative to the rest of the  country during the 1980s.Now the economy here is being dragged  down by defense spending cutbacks, a collapsed commercial real estate market, plummeting home prices, a crippled construction industry and a  series of disasters, natural and man-made, that have shaken investor confidence. "We are on the wrong end of three major events in the U.S. economy: aerospace  industry cutbacks, the commercial real estate collapse and significant  price declines in housing prices," said Ross Starr, professor of  economics at the University of California at San Diego. "And unlike  anywhere else, we`re getting all three at the same time."Net-net: Seek a lease option in buyer's market conditions or just wait it out.
Can a lease with option to purchase be termed for the life of another person before the option must be exercised (Calif.)?
As long as a lease condition/term doesn’t break any state or federal law, which I believe this particular one doesn't, or our friend Dana would have found such a law (that was so thoughtful of you to take the time to check, Dana H. Shultz!), anything is possible - if all parties to the transaction are in agreement and the condition makes it into the final version of the lease document that's ultimately executed. Well, I should say, that's how it is in Hawaii and I'd be very surprised to learn it's fundamentally different anywhere else in the US.My last thought is to be sure you’re looking at both sides here, because the whole “anything is possible” works both ways. Good Luck!
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