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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Leasing out a horse

Instructions and Help about Leasing out a horse

Yeah right it's Carlos at and today I'm being doing a what you need for your lease horse video so the first thing I recommend gang and your Eamonn need to be leasing horse get this is a saddle pad you don't need to get a really nice ocol view one if you don't want to you can get the Dover ones and they work just fine the second thing you might want to get is a pair of sharp others with your stirrup irons just so with your leasers horse you don't have to be messing with their strips you can just have your own and stick them on their saddle and once you're done riding you can take these back off and put their stirrups back on I do this all the time it's a great way to not screw up their strips and you get the right size the correct time the third thing I suggest it depends upon if the horse needs this it's polo wraps the ends go with one D saddle pads and I have and is darker in person that looks on camera right now but I really like polo wraps you can also get some boots open front boon splint boots any boots that they really need you can buy that and also so now you don't have right now with a half pad that you can get um the horses that I lease besides my very first lace horse you do not have to have a half pet excuse me but otherwise if your horse needs a half pad I suggest getting a half pad if you mean to buy your own half pen and I forgot to mention this in the beginning that all leases are different so you may need to preverything for your lease horse or everything might be provided for you I suggest getting the saddle pads at first before you lease a horse and like I don't know for Bishop and now and lacy my first horse my first lease horses name is lacy everything was provided for me but there still certain stuff that I want to get so if you need to buy your own saddle then make sure you get the half pad to what fits your saddle and if you need to get a bridle that's fine these strips and stirrup leathers you should get even if you don't need to buy a saddle just because you won't be messing with their stirrups and yeah so all leases are different and you may need this stuff you may not need this stuff but these are just some suggestions the next thing I have a horse and rider book and this is a really good book it has a lot of stuff on different types of saddles tack care and then have different reins lunging stuff boots and let's see they have some riding stuff and they have stuff for jumping.


What do I need to know before buying my first horse?
I know the answers to all these questions and I still don’t feel qualified to buy a horse without help. (In order: No, Yes, if you have to ask this question then only Adult, Depends on the horse and what you intend to do with it) I suggest that until you have the familiarity with horse handling required to actually treat the animal well, volunteer with a local horse rescue (they always need tons of help!) AND take lessons from a facility that will teach you how to properly care for a horse as well as riding it. Bonus if you spend time at a horse rescue is that you’ll get a lot of experience with a variety of horses, AND you might just happen to bond with a special one while there.A horse can live into its 30s with good care. That is an extremely long commitment for most people. On top of the cost of buying the horse you’d need to factor in the obvious things like food (do you know proper equine nutrition or have someone around to advise you on it?), vet checkups, farrier, stall bedding if you have a barn to keep it in, boarding payments if you don’t and plan to rent a stall, medications (even common ones like wormer and bute), fly spray and/or some method of fly control. If you have your own property there’s also the cost of maintaining proper fencing (in some cases also the cost of removing improper existing fencing to put safer fencing in: barbed wire kills and injures so many horses it’s barbaric). Also you’d most likely want to hire a trainer to work with you and your horse so that you can become a better rider.If you’re asking these questions, it also suggests you would not know how to shop for a horse that actually suits you, and fits your needs and skill level. Plenty of shady people out there will dope up a horse to make it look complacent when it’s got problems. Some horses may be too much ‘horse• to handle as a beginner. Some may have been trained in a certain way, or have learned fears that may make them difficult to handle.Also, if you’re totally new to horses, DO NOT GET A FOAL. An inexperienced rider + an inexperienced horse = injury or death for one or both. You really won’t be able to ride the horse until it’s around four if you want that horse to be a lifelong sound horse. Don’t try sooner, despite the Kentucky Derby running thoroughbreds as 2-year-olds. There’s tons of medical studies out that talk about the damage to growth plates and bone structure as a result, and your horse most likely won’t be in top athletic shape like a Derby contender anyhow since I imagine you will not be sending your horse to a top-rated trainer, nor having it be ridden by someone as small and light and who knows how to balance expertly on a horse as a professional jockey. These people have years of training to hopefully not completely ruin a young horse (and accidents still happen). You would not.
Does it hurt horses when you put a shoe on them? When you reshoe a horse and pull the old nail out to put a new one in, do you put it in the same hole? If not, how does that hole heal and fill on its own?
No, shoeing a horse causes no pain. Horse shoers, also called farriers, are well trained to perform all aspects of hoof care and balancing for soundness, comfort and correct movement. The old shoes are removed by filing away the clinches (more about clinches later…) and then pulling the old shoe along with the old nails.The horse’s hoof is constantly growing so before applying new shoes the shoer trims away the excess hoof wall. Often this means cutting off about 3/8 inch of hoof. The bottom of the hoof, called the sole, also grows constantly and needs to be trimmed, so after the shoer removes the mud and debris from the cleft of the hoof he or she will carefully trim the sole and frog (pad) to remove the excess and deteriorated hoof material. It is kind of like giving the horse a pedicure, but much more complicated because the hooves must be shaped correctly so that they land, break over and travel in a balanced manner as the horse moves or runs. Each hoof is different and each horse moves differently, too, so the shoer must shape each hoof to aid the horse’s movement.The old shoes are not put back on as they will have been worn thin, even though they are made of metal. Horses are heavy and apply a lot of force and friction to their shoes!Each of the new shoes is carefully shaped to match the shape of each hoof. That way, the shoes don’t interfere with the careful shaping and balancing of the hooves.The shoes are held on with a very special kind of nail. If you look at a shoeing nail closely you will see that the shaft of the nail is not round. It is rectangular with flat sides that taper to a very sharp point. On one of the wider sides of the nail you will see a pattern of parallel lines that have been scored into the metal, giving that side a distinct texture. When the shoer places the nail he or she makes sure that textured side is turned to face the hoof wall. As the nail is driven into the hard, insensitive hoof material that textured side causes the nail to bend. As a result, the tip of the nail exits the hoof partway up the hoof wall - generally about 3/4 inch above the shoe. (Since 3/8 inch hoof material was cut away the old nail holes are now out of the way for applying new nails.) As soon as the nails are fully driven into and through the hoof wall, the shoer cuts off the exposed points of the nails and then bends the remaining stub firmly down against the hoof wall and smooths off any rough edges to avoid them injuring the horse. It is the bent nail shafts, called “clinches”, that hold the shoes in place.
How many months does it take to learn horse riding?
An old cowboy told me, “it takes 300 good rides to make one good horse, and 300 good horses to make one good rider.” Like lots of old cowboy lore, you almost have to be a horseman to understand the meaning of that sentence. But distilled ‘way down, it basically means that it is much easier for a horse to learn to carry people than it is for a person to learn to ride horses.Unlike a car or a bicycle, the movement of a horse is not designed for the comfort of the rider. So initially, even assuming you find it easy to maintain a position that keeps the horse between you and the ground, as soon as the horse travels faster than walk your mind and body will begin working hard to figure out how to avoid getting pummelled and rubbed raw.But let’s just say that you happen to be a really gifted, lucky person whose body is built for the saddle. Your spine has no difficulty flexing enough to allow for the biggest, most dramatic trot action, your pelvis readily rocks to absorb the most unexpected changes in balance, impulsion and speed, and your hip, leg and ankle joints easily absorb the constantly changing size and shape of the horse’s anatomy. If that’s lucky you, you’ll make terrific progress in lessons. You’ll gain a lot of skill very quickly. But you will still have a long way to go, to be a rider.On a reasonably willing mount, it generally takes most students between 6 months and 1 year to get to the level of riding that includes basic control at walk, trot and canter, as well as some degree of collection and extension, and the application of some very basic lateral work. Even then, they have a long way to go to be a rider. That’s because there’s a big difference between a rider• and someone who gets on a horse to go for a ride, and I think that is where your question poses a problem for any experienced horse person to answer.To go for a ride can be a fairly simple process, especially if you ride with others, remain at walk, and let the other horses prmotivation for your horse to go along. People who rent a horse for a trail ride at a dude ranch, or rent a mule to carry them to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back, do that kind of riding. They are basically a passenger, and their guide takes responsibility for the behavior and comfort of their mount. They receive very rudimentary instruction minutes before the ride, and that’s all they need, to have a good time.Learning to ride, though, is a very complex issue, and even that is only a fraction of what is needed to be -a rider. No matter how adept a student might be, there is always the horse that must be considered, and some of the student’s skill may suddenly disappear when they move from one horse to another.Horses have the ability to read our body language and our balance. They can extrapolate our confidence, our skill, our intent and our determination. They often know more about us, and what we can or cannot do, than we do.Horses are also constantly verifying the ability of a rider to maintain his or her leadership authority. From the horse’s point of view, somebody must be the boss. If at any moment you, sitting in the saddle, are not fully trustworthy, and able to prall the necessary leadership, the horse must become the boss, based on millions of years of equine development and history. A horse that is particularly accommodating can make you look like you know what you are doing. But as soon as the horse disagrees with your decision, and knows you do not have the skill to enforce it, you will find out how much you do not know, or how much you knew that just wasn’t so.It probably took you less than 30 minutes to learn a great deal about horse riding, by reading the answers here, and the amount of riding ability you gained from reading these answers (none) might help illustrate to you just what a complex game riding is. But for the sake of trying to answer your question with an estimated time frame…If all you want to do is go for a guided trail ride, you won’t need lessons. Listen to, and watch, your trail guide and all the other riders, both good and bad. Learn from your observations, but don’t try everything you see. Faster isn’t better.If you want to learn to ride well enough to be the trail guide taking others for a guided trail ride, plan for at least one year of lessons twice a week with a skilled trainer familiar with the challenges that trail-guides must be prepared for, while volunteering full time in your trainer’s stable, and part time with a local equine veterinarian, followed by a few weeks shadowing a local horse shoer.If you want to be skilled enough to own and enjoy your own horse, the same instruction as described above for preparing to be a dude ranch trail guide will be enough to get you started• if you buy the right horse. But even then, I’d recommend you keep taking lessons, using your own horse, for as long as you can afford to.If you are already a horse owner and you just want to show, you can start with just a single summer’s series of lessons, or if you are young and in the US, 4-H, Westernaires, or Pony Club. You’ll get to learn all about horses, not just how to ride them.Good luck, and have fun learning.
Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?
NOOOOOOO. You are talking to a military romance scammer. I received an email from the US Army that directly answers your question that is pasted below please keep reading.I believe you are the victim of a military Romance Scam whereas the person you are talking to is a foreign national posing as an American Soldier claiming to be stationed overseas on a peacekeeping mission. That's the key to the scam they always claim to be on a peacekeeping mission.Part of their scam is saying that they have no access to their money that their mission is highly dangerous.If your boyfriend girlfriend/future husband/wife is asking you to do the following or has exhibited this behavior, it is a most likely a scam:Moves to private messaging site immediately after meeting you on Facebook or SnapChat or Instagram or some dating or social media site. Often times they delete the site you met them on right after they asked you to move to a more private messaging siteProfesses love to you very quickly & seems to quote poems and song lyrics along with using their own sort of broken language, as they profess their love and devotion quickly. They also showed concern for your health and love for your family.Promises marriage as soon as he/she gets to state for leave that they asked you to pay for.They Requests money (wire transfers) and Amazon, iTune ,Verizon, etc gift cards, for medicine, religious practices, and leaves to come home, internet access, complete job assignments, help sick friend, get him out of trouble, or anything that sounds fishy.The military does prall the soldier needs including food medical Care and transportation for leave. Trust me, I lived it, you are probably being scammed. I am just trying to show you examples that you are most likely being connned.Below is an email response I received after I sent an inquiry to the US government when I discovered I was scammed. I received this wonderful response back with lots of useful links on how to find and report your scammer. And how to learn more about Romance Scams.Right now you can also copy the picture he gave you and do a google image search and you will hopefully see the pictures of the real person he is impersonating. this doesn't always work and take some digging. if you find the real person you can direct message them and alert them that their image is being used for scamming.Good Luck to you and I'm sorry this may be happening to you. please continue reading the government response I received below it's very informative.   You have contacted an email that is monitored by the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command. Unfortunately, this is a common concern. We assure you there is never any reason to send money to anyone claiming to be a Soldier online. If you have only spoken with this person online, it is likely they are not a U.S. Soldier at all. If this is a suspected imposter social media profile, we urge you to report it to that platform as soon as possible. Please continue reading for more resources and answers to other frequently asked questions:  How to report an imposter Facebook profile: Caution-https://www.facebook.com/help/16... Caution-https://www.facebook.com/help/16...   Answers to frequently asked questions:  - Soldiers and their loved ones are not charged money so that the Soldier can go on leave.  - Soldiers are not charged money for secure communications or leave.  - Soldiers do not need permission to get married.  - Soldiers emails are in this format: john.doe.mil@mail.mil Caution-mailto: john.doe.mil@mail.mil anything ending in .us or .com is not an official email account.  - Soldiers have medical insurance, which pays for their medical costs when treated at civilian health care facilities worldwide • family and friends do not need to pay their medical expenses.  - Military aircraft are not used to transport Privately Owned Vehicles.  - Army financial offices are not used to help Soldiers buy or sell items of any kind.  - Soldiers deployed to Combat Zones do not need to solicit money from the public to feed or house themselves or their troops.  - Deployed Soldiers do not find large unclaimed sums of money and need your help to get that money out of the country.  Anyone who tells you one of the above-listed conditions/circumstances is true is likely posing as a Soldier and trying to steal money from you.  We would urge you to immediately cease all contact with this individual.  For more information on avoiding online scams and to report this crime, please see the following sites and articles:   This article may help clarify some of the tricks social media scammers try to use to take advantage of people: Caution-https://www.army.mil/article/61432/ Caution-https://www.army.mil/article/61432/   CID advises vigilance against 'romance scams,' scammers impersonating Soldiers  Caution-https://www.army.mil/article/180749 Caution-https://www.army.mil/article/180749   FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center: Caution-http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx Caution-http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx   U.S. Army investigators warn public against romance scams: Caution-https://www.army.mil/article/130... Caution-https://www.army.mil/article/130...   DOD warns troops, families to be cybercrime smart -Caution-http://www.army.mil/article/1450... Caution-http://www.army.mil/article/1450...   Use caution with social networking  Caution-https://www.army.mil/article/146... Caution-https://www.army.mil/article/146...    Please see our frequently asked questions section under scams and legal issues. Caution-http://www.army.mil/faq/ Caution-http://www.army.mil/faq/ or visit Caution-http://www.cid.army.mil/ Caution-http://www.cid.army.mil/ .  The challenge with most scams is determining if an individual is a legitimate member of the US Army. Based on the Privacy Act of 1974, we cannot prthis information. If concerned about a scam you may contact the Better Business Bureau (if it involves a solicitation for money), or local law enforcement. If you're involved in a Facebook or dating site scam, you are free to contact us direct, (571) 305-4056.   If you have a social security number, you can find information about Soldiers online at Caution-https://www.dmdc.osd.mil/appj/sc... Caution-https://www.dmdc.osd.mil/appj/sc... . While this is a free search, it does not help you locate a retiree, but it can tell you if the Soldier is active duty or not.  If more information is needed such as current duty station or location, you can contact the Commander Soldier's Records Data Center (SRDC) by phone or mail and they will help you locate individuals on active duty only, not retirees. There is a fee of $3.50 for businesses to use this service. The check or money order must be made out to the U.S. Treasury. It is not refundable. The address is:  Commander Soldier's Records Data Center (SRDC) 8899 East 56th Street Indianapolis, IN 46249-5301 Phone: 1-866-771-6357  In addition, it is not possible to remove social networking site profiles without legitimate proof of identity theft or a scam. If you suspect fraud on this site, take a screenshot of any advances for money or impersonations and report the account on the social networking platform immediately.  Please submit all information you have on this incident to Caution-www.ic3.gov Caution-http://www.ic3.gov (FBI website, Internet Criminal Complaint Center), immediately stop contact with the scammer (you are potentially providing them more information which can be used to scam you), and learn how to protect yourself against these scams at Caution-http://www.ftc.gov Caution-http://www.ftc.gov (Federal Trade Commission's website)
How can I get more people to fill out my survey?
Make it compellingQuickly and clearly make these points:Who you are and why you are doing thisHow long it takesWhats in it for me -- why should someone help you by completing the surveyExample: "Please spend 3 minutes helping me make it easier to learn Mathematics. Answer 8 short questions for my eternal gratitude and (optional) credit on my research findings. Thank you SO MUCH for helping."Make it convenientKeep it shortShow up at the right place and time -- when people have the time and inclination to help. For example, when students are planning their schedules. Reward participationOffer gift cards, eBooks, study tips, or some other incentive for helping.Test and refineTest out different offers and even different question wording and ordering to learn which has the best response rate, then send more invitations to the offer with the highest response rate.Reward referralsIf offering a reward, increase it for referrals. Include a custom invite link that tracks referrals.
How does one get invited to the Quora Partner Program? What criteria do they use, or is it completely random?
I live in Germany. I got an invite to the Quora partner program the day I landed in USA for a business trip. So from what I understand, irrespective of the number of views on your answers, there is some additional eligibility criteria for you to even get an email invite.If you read the terms of service, point 1 states:Eligibility. You must be located in the United States to participate in this Program. If you are a Quora employee, you are eligible to participate and earn up to a maximum of $200 USD a month. You also agree to be bound by the Platform Terms (https://www.quora.com/about/tos) as a condition of participation.Again, if you check the FAQ section:How can other people I know .participate?The program is invite-only at this time, but we intend to open it up to more people as time goes on.So my guess is that Quora is currently targeting people based out of USA, who are active on Quora, may or may not be answering questions frequently ( I have not answered questions frequently in the past year or so) and have a certain number of consistent answer views.Edit 1: Thanks to @Anita Scotch, I got to know that the Quora partner program is now available for other countries too. Copying Anuta’s comment here:If you reside in one of the Countries, The Quora Partner Program is active in, you are eligible to participate in the program.” ( I read more will be added, at some point, but here are the countries, currently eligible at this writing,) U.S., Japan, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy and Australia.11/14/2018Edit 2 : Here is the latest list of countries with 3 new additions eligible for the Quora Partner program:U.S., Japan, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, India and Brazil.Thanks to Monoswita Rez for informing me about this update.
How do you find out if a company is open to using a staffing agency to fill positions?
Get an introduction to the target company through a referral if possible.  A lot of the companies that retain us even talk explicitly about "no agency referrals" on their website.  There are times that going in through HR or their staffing org can be to your benefit but more often that not it helps to have a referral with a "VP" in their title to get you that introduction.  You might still be a long way from getting a fee agreement signed (retained or contingent) but you'll be a lot close than being one of the hundreds of agency recruiters leaving voicemails for the VP HR or Staffing Manager.
How do I fill out a address line 1?
The recipients name/company:Name (John, Smith)Adresss (1000 County Way, Unit 200)ZIP, City, State, Country (90254, Neverland, CA, USAIn Europe the addressing scheme is slightly different:AustriaHerr Franz HuberBeethovenstrasse 121010 WIENAUSTRIABelgiumMr Willy JanssensLange Stationsstraat 3523000 LEUVENBELGIUMM. Emile DuboisRue du Diamant 2154800 VERVIERSBELGIUMDenmarkMr Thor NielsenTietgensgade 1378800 VIBORGDENMARKMr Torben RaldorfPO Box 100COPENHAGEN1004 VIBORGDENMARKFinlandMr Asko TeirilaPO Box 51139140 AKDENMAAFINLANDFranceM. Robert MARINRue de l’EgliseDunes82340 AUVILLARFRANCEMme Marie PAGE23 Rue de Grenell75700 PARIS CEDEXFRANCEWhen addressing mail to France, write the addressee’s surname in CAPITAL letters.GermanyMrs F MeierWeberstr. 253113 BONN 1GERMANYMr P KundeLange Str. 1204103 LEIPZIGGERMANYGermany has strict rules about receiving mail, which, if ignored, may result in your mail being returned to you with no attempt at delivery. When addressing mail to Germany, always:• Use the new five-digit postcode (using an old four-digit postcode will cause delay)• Put the postcode before the town name• Put the house number after the street nameGreeceMr George LatsisAlkamenou 37117 80 ATHENSGREECEIcelandMr Jon JonssonEinimel 80107 REYKJAVIKICELANDIrelandFrom 15 July 2022. a new seven digit postcode system has been developed for Ireland and should be used in all addresses, other than those for PO Boxes.All mail for Ireland should now be addressed as illustrated below:Eason80 Abbey Street MiddleDUBLIN 1DO1 P8N3IRELANDThe introduction of the new codes will not in any way affect the existing address structure. The postcode will occupy a new line at the bottom of addresses for domestic mail and the penultimate line for international mail.ItalySig. Giovanni Mascivia Garibaldi 2747037 RIMINI RNITALYLuxembourgM. Jaques Muller71 route de Longway4750 PETANGELUXEMBOURGMonacoAs FranceThe NetherlandsMr J van DietenMorsstr 1112312 BK LEIDENTHE NETHERLANDS(There should be a double space between the postcode and the post town)NorwayHerr Hans HansenSvingen 229230 BEKKEHAUGNORWAYPortugalSenhor Carlos Manuel PereiraAv das A’Augsa LivresMonte Trigo7220 PORTELPORTUGALRosalina SilvaR Conde Redondo 801192 LISBOA CODEXPORTUGALSpainSra Ana JimenezMimbreras 403201 ELCHE (Alicante)SPAIN(The province should be included in brackets after the town)SwedenFru Inger LiljaVasavagen 3 4tr582 20 LINKOPINGSWEDENSwitzerlandM. Andre PerretSchanzenstrasse 73030 BERNESWITZERLAND
Why do I have an account on Quora if I never signed up?
I’ve noticed that a lot of people have asked this question in various ways and, through research and experience, I’ve found out why.Quora API can find your profile details from your existing accounts like Google, Facebook and/or other places and automatically make you an account on Quora without you ever consenting to it or realizing it.When you finally ‘join• Quora officially, you log in to an account that was probably made ages before you even actually joined.It is likely that you searched up something on a search engine that associated to Quora somehow and you logged in with one of your social media accounts, generally speaking, Facebook.Many of Quora’s website traffic is from people searching things on the internet and to find answers, looked in Quora.To disconnect social media accounts that have connected, you can go to Your profile picture Settings from the drop down menu Account from the side menu and scroll down to see Connected Accounts. Disconnect all or some as desired and done! Those accounts now have no connection to Quora whatsoever.You can also completely delete your Quora account : Your profile picture Settings Privacy Delete Account.
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