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  2. Use your indications to submit established track record areas.
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Leasing out a horse

Instructions and Help about Leasing out a horse

Yeah right it's Carlos at and today I'm being doing a what you need for your lease horse video so the first thing I recommend gang and your Eamonn need to be leasing horse get this is a saddle pad you don't need to get a really nice ocol view one if you don't want to you can get the Dover ones and they work just fine the second thing you might want to get is a pair of sharp others with your stirrup irons just so with your leasers horse you don't have to be messing with their strips you can just have your own and stick them on their saddle and once you're done riding you can take these back off and put their stirrups back on I do this all the time it's a great way to not screw up their strips and you get the right size the correct time the third thing I suggest it depends upon if the horse needs this it's polo wraps the ends go with one D saddle pads and I have and is darker in person that looks on camera right now but I really like polo wraps you can also get some boots open front boon splint boots any boots that they really need you can buy that and also so now you don't have right now with a half pad that you can get um the horses that I lease besides my very first lace horse you do not have to have a half pet excuse me but otherwise if your horse needs a half pad I suggest getting a half pad if you mean to buy your own half pen and I forgot to mention this in the beginning that all leases are different so you may need to preverything for your lease horse or everything might be provided for you I suggest getting the saddle pads at first before you lease a horse and like I don't know for Bishop and now and lacy my first horse my first lease horses name is lacy everything was provided for me but there still certain stuff that I want to get so if you need to buy your own saddle then make sure you get the half pad to what fits your saddle and if you need to get a bridle that's fine these strips and stirrup leathers you should get even if you don't need to buy a saddle just because you won't be messing with their stirrups and yeah so all leases are different and you may need this stuff you may not need this stuff but these are just some suggestions the next thing I have a horse and rider book and this is a really good book it has a lot of stuff on different types of saddles tack care and then have different reins lunging stuff boots and let's see they have some riding stuff and they have stuff for jumping.

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