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Horse facility Lease Agreement Template Form: What You Should Know

It is designed so the horse tenant's name, address, phone number and the lease terms are on the lease  form. Landlord must send and return the completed form within 30 days of the date it is signed. Forms for Leasing Horses and Facilities Each equine facility lease form is a fillable PDF, which allows you to type in information on your computer, print out a completed document, and save the filled-in form. Item #21 Equine Horse Equipment Inventory (includes saddles, harness, feed, bedding, and accessories) Item #21 provides details for inventory, such as description of all equine equipment (saddle, harness, feed, bedding, feed bucket, feeding tube) Item #22 Horse Furnace Item #22 provides for the terms and conditions on the lease of a horse furnace. A common problem for horse owners is “the heat isn't working right” when in fact, the horse was already  hot under it and may be that the heat has been turned off for the day. This form is also a great idea for those horse owners who may be in a “back up” situation when it is not their horse or horse property that it would be necessary to have a horse furnace. This form allows owners to keep a record of all equine equipment that comes onto their premises with detailed description.  Item #23 Horse Duties This item is an excellent idea if a landlord may require a horse tenant to do work during the lease term or if the tenant is unsure whether the horse may be away and therefore is required to perform  the work.  It outlines duties that must be done by both the tenant and the horse.  To be clear, if a horse enters without the owner knowing, the landlord should never enter, unless the owner gives permission. All entries in  these agreements should never be made without the consent of the equine tenant prior to an entry. If a horse is on the premises, the tenant will be required to do all the  duties described in Item #23. Also, please notice that Item #23 states “The Horse Owner shall be responsible to complete all work on Horse Property  during the term of the lease and any subsequent renewals for which the Horse Owner may be responsible.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Horse facility Lease Agreement Template

Instructions and Help about Horse facility Lease Agreement Template

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