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Ohio 4 h Horse Lease Form: What You Should Know

This is also the name for the contract that the county will sign. All the 4-H horse lease agreements will be completed to name of the horse(s). Your lease agreement will be emailed to you so, please, make a note of the correct address where you will have the lease agreement printed out when you receive the agreement. If the lease agreement has already been filled out please email and submit the original form. This document is to be used to show the county when submitting a project. Please do not post the application, it will not be considered. If you are an individual with a question, please email us at with as much information as possible. For groups a list of staff will then be sent to you. Please also be sure to include the appropriate email address when contacting us for questions. For group inquiries, group leadership and/or technical inquiries please send your enquiry to the appropriate group leader. If the name on this horse is changed without notifying your group it will be considered a non-compliance violation under Title 4 of the National Organic Act, 14 CFR §1307(i) and violators may be subject to legal action. If an individual changes the name of a horse he/she owns, or has in their care, he/she should only change the name of the horse he/she currently has in his care. It is not recommended that an individual own(s) more than one horse at a time, due to the increased legal liability and cost required to manage more than one horse in a legal way. Please let your group leaders know in advance if the name you will be using will change. If you choose to use a unique ID number for the individual(s) that are in charge of your horse(s) when you apply for the 4H application form (we suggest a unique name ID to help identify him/her when the application is submitted via online or the paper version) for the project, you must complete the  4-H Horse Identification and Change of Name Form, and include a copy of this form with your application(s) for certification. If you choose to use an unknown ID or number, please include the unique ID, or number with your application and attach a copy of the document to the application as well as the application form.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Ohio 4 h Horse Lease Form

Instructions and Help about Ohio 4 h Horse Lease Form

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