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Horse payment contract Form: What You Should Know

The horse is hereby sold by Greenstone Farm LLC, in good faith and in compliance with applicable law, to any person who demonstrates a significant capacity that will facilitate the reasonable ownership transfer of said horse. Agreement to Sell This agreement is effective by operation of law, and a sale does not take place until written registration and a sales certificate have been delivered to the Auctioneer with proper evidence of sale. Sales Certificate PayPal Payment Information Greenstone Farm LLC, LLC, Auctioneer — Greenstone Auctioneer, auction date : Payment of total of .00 and total of .75 plus .00 plus .75 Certificate of Sale (if applicable): PayPal Payment Information Seller Accepts payment by: PayPal Greenstone Farm LLC, LLC, Auctioneer — Greenstone Auctioneer, auction date : Payment of total of .00, sales tax, and a .00 fee for registration: PayPal Payment Information PayPal Greenstone Farms LLC, LLC, Auctioneer — Greenstone Auctioneer, AuctionDate : Payment of total of .00, sales tax plus .50 for the horse registration. PayPal Account Greenstone Farms LLC, LLC, Auctioneer — Greenstone Auctioneer, AuctionDate : Bidder's Account of .00 including .25 Registration Fee. PayPal accepted. Online Bidding There are currently no open bids on this lot and no active offers.  This lot is not listed in the online catalog and does not appear in any advertisements (unless stated otherwise). Bidder should contact a Greenstone Auctioneer for information regarding the auction details and any remaining questions. SOLD ON Seller Accepts payment by: Credit Card American Express Discover MasterCard Visa Bidder's Account of .00 incl. payment of .26 or .33, plus.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Horse payment contract

Instructions and Help about Horse payment contract

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