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Leasing a horse facility Form: What You Should Know

Owner 2. Lessee 3. Agent 4. Date of the Agreement 5. Rent Payment Period 6. Date of Termination 7. Tenant Name 8. Telephone Number of Agent 9. Telephone Number of Lessee 10. Title of Agreement. Leverage of Rent Payment Policy Hornet Management Group (BMG) (USA).  HORSE LEASE AGREEMENTS FOR RENTAL SERVICES. “A horse lease agreement is generally considered to be one of the most useful leases in terms of ensuring the continued supply of horses for rental services.” . (Benson, R.M.). The term horse lease is a legal term of one year, except a six-month contract in which the rent is to be paid on payment of the month and not by the date of month. This equine lease agreement must: a. contain such rent provisions as to the amount of rent payable by the Lessee, including a definition of the rent; b. set forth the date or dates on which rent shall be paid and by whom; c. state whether rental rates are subject to rent control (e.g., the lease does not allow a rent to exceed the rate of a “market rate” for the City of Buffalo); d. include a prohibition against the sale, lease or rent for any purpose, except to a person, firm or entity engaged in the business directly of offering to provide rental services for the Horse Lessee, if any, to use the horse for any of its primary operations (that is, the business for which rent or rent payments are paid for the horse) until the time the Lessee becomes a lessee under this contract; e. permit the Lessee no interest in the horse, whether in right of possession, as a tenancy in common, or under an equitable or equitable byproduct; f. provide that if the Lessee ceases to provide horse rental services, the Lessee shall immediately return all payment received from any prospective buyer of the horse; and g. permit the Lessee to terminate the contract upon the expiration of the lease.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Leasing a horse facility

Instructions and Help about Leasing a horse facility

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