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Has anyone ever actually purchased a home through a lease-to-purchase option?
We’ve sold a home that we couldn’t sell for many reasons of all sorts, and we bought a bigger one that better suited us with the unplanned arrival of twins at the exact same time with the final closing to coincide. It worked so well that we’ve been doing it as a business since then (after extensive training and coaching plus continued education to improve and stay up-to-date) and it works awesome for many situations, while a more traditional purchase and sale is better for many other properties and many sellers/buyers. It can be a fairly complicated deal so you would need to find a company which specializes in this type of deals and a lawyer who isn’t just a real estate attorney, but handles lease-purchase on a regular basis. The level of flexibility of these deals are great because they can help you achieve the exact goals that you have in mind, but the many moving parts require a high degree of expertise. Obviously, we think they are a great option to have available whether you’re a seller or a buyer or, like we were a few years ago, buyer and seller at the same time! Good luck!
How hard is it to find and rent out a house using a lease option?
Lease option arrangements are like hen's teeth in a "seller's market" and all too common in a "buyer's market." Currently, most of the US  and plenty of places around the globe are in a seller's market.However, there can be micro buyer's and seller's market based on local and regional economic conditions. Southern California Quakes chronicles the aerospace downturn in the early 1990's when the rest of the country was reasonably normal: Two years after the end of the Cold War, Southern California`s  perennially prosperous economy is reeling from a New England-style free fall, with few signs that the region`s steepest plunge since the Great  Depression will be reanytime soon.Engorging itself on unprecedented defense contracts and an explosive real estate and financial boom during the go-go years of Ronald Reagan`s military buildup, California had it made in the shade relative to the rest of the  country during the 1980s.Now the economy here is being dragged  down by defense spending cutbacks, a collapsed commercial real estate market, plummeting home prices, a crippled construction industry and a  series of disasters, natural and man-made, that have shaken investor confidence. "We are on the wrong end of three major events in the U.S. economy: aerospace  industry cutbacks, the commercial real estate collapse and significant  price declines in housing prices," said Ross Starr, professor of  economics at the University of California at San Diego. "And unlike  anywhere else, we`re getting all three at the same time."Net-net: Seek a lease option in buyer's market conditions or just wait it out.
Can a lease with option to purchase be termed for the life of another person before the option must be exercised (Calif.)?
As long as a lease condition/term doesn’t break any state or federal law, which I believe this particular one doesn't, or our friend Dana would have found such a law (that was so thoughtful of you to take the time to check, Dana H. Shultz!), anything is possible - if all parties to the transaction are in agreement and the condition makes it into the final version of the lease document that's ultimately executed. Well, I should say, that's how it is in Hawaii and I'd be very surprised to learn it's fundamentally different anywhere else in the US.My last thought is to be sure you’re looking at both sides here, because the whole “anything is possible” works both ways. Good Luck!
How can someone purchase a car or get a lease on a car to export out of the country with a fraud/stolen credit card?
If a person has a fraudulent financial document and "Purchases" a vehicle, they take delivery of the car that day. Upon taking delivery, they take the car, show the purchase document to the shipper, or find a shipper that isn't too worried about legality, and puts the vehicle on the boat. If the person reaches the destination with the car before the fraud is detected, then it's done. Of course, attempting to come back into the US would be fraught with danger, and it doesn't seem like it's worth the bother for a vehicle worth perhaps $40K/$50K. If the vehicle is worth more than that, you can be sure that an all cash (via check) deal would raise some eyebrows and have some additional checking done.Banks don't like it when someone steals from them, they would rather be on the other end of the transaction.
Is it more economical to lease then take the purchase option or finance a car?
It’s not as easy a question is it once was. Or maybe it was never easy. What I’ll try to do here is explain, as best I can, that leasing can definitely be the best solution for a lot of people, especially people like me, who still think that they’re young and innovative.First let’s create a scenario. Young people love Hondas, right? Let’s get one of those!For the sake of the scenario, I haven’t included all the costs of buying or leasing a car such as sales tax and so on, so please don’t quote me on these numbers. I’m just trying to cover the major pieces here.Buying:Buying a car either requires paying for the entire cost upfront (a sum too large for most people), or paying a down payment and then financing the rest of the cost over a loan term - usually 60 months or more.Let’s say I want to buy a new Honda Accord for $35,000. And let’s also say that I’ve just moved from a city with public transportation, so I don’t have a car to trade in. I’ll have to make a 10-20% down payment on the car, which will be $3,500 to $7,000. That’s a lot. I’m not rich, so I’ll be putting 10% down, or $3,500, which gives me a loan of $31,500. I’ll choose a 5-year, 60 month loan at 3.1%, let’s say. My monthly payments will be $567.Then, if we extend my payments over two years:$3,500 down payment+$13,608 (567x24)_________________________=$17,800I will have paid $17,800 over two years for my Honda Accord.Leasing:Now, for leasing a car, there are some upfront costs, but nowhere near the amount for purchasing. Some dealers require a down payment, and others don’t. Let’s just say I’m going to pay a down payment of $1,000. Now, a normal amount of depreciation for a Honda Accord would be around $9,000 over two years, which is most of what you’re paying for when you lease a vehicle. The monthly payment for leasing the Honda would be $445, assuming a 4.5% interest rate.So the total cost comes to:$1,000+$10,680__________=$11,680You guessed it, $11,680 is less than $17,800. In the first two years I’ll spend $6,120 less by leasing.Now, a wannabe young, influential person like myself has a lot of things to do with that $6,000. Like travel. Like take women out on dates and make them think that I make almost as much money as they do. Like rent a decent apartment where I’m not sharing it with 5 other guys and a girl who trains for UFC fighting. Like, if I just happen to feel like it, taking care of my responsibilities such as eventually paying off my student loans (but, hey, how am I gonna start conversations at the bar if I do that?). Or geez, maybe I could just save it and let my best friend, who chose a much better career, invest the money on my behalf. Whatever it is, it’s money that I wouldn’t have if I bought the car.On top of that, after those two years are over, it’s done! There’s no more car payments if I don’t want them. If I feel so inclined, I can lease a new car, just as easily as my nice, safe, Honda. Or, I can move on. Leasing saves me money, and saves me the stress of being stuck in car payments for up to 7 years. Financing cars is more and more like having a mortgage on a house that constantly loses value. I mean, the length of car loans has steadily increased in recent years. Over half of all car loans are for over 60 months, and one in five car loans are between 73 and 84 months.Long Term Leasing vs. BuyingIn the end, for the unpredictable lifestyles that many of us lead, and even for the predictable ones, leasing is a great option. The first two years of any car’s life is covered in warranties. As soon as the warranty is over, the lease is over. On the other hand, owning a car will inevitably end up in replacing parts and servicing the vehicle, all of which the warranty won’t cover.According to HowStuffWorks, the average family will spend over $800 a year on car maintenance, which is just the kind of stuff that would be covered in a lease.It’s up to you, but I’m leasing. And I’m leasing a Honda Accord.OptionsOnlineGoing into the dealershipOptions for where to lease:#1 Going into a dealership.It’s very possible to go into a dealership and get exactly what you want. It may not happen the first time you go, however. Do your research about the value of the car you’re interested in before going in. In that research be sure to include the potential residual value of the car after the lease term. That means figuring out how much the car will likely be worth after 2 years so that you can better negotiate the estimated depreciation, which can give you a better price. The dealers are trying to make money, so you have to be willing to work just as hard to make the lease work for you.Here’s some other good things to keep in mind when leasing from a dealership:Know your credit score and what you qualify for.Don’t pay too much up front (ideally nothing over $2000). In fact, sometimes you can get away with paying nothing up front. If anything happens in the first few months of the lease, all that up front money will be for nothing. Save the money for the monthly lease payments.Research gap insurance to avoid owing more than the car is worth.Really think about how many miles you’ll drive.Find out exactly what “normal wear and tear” is so that you can return the car and not owe more money.Don’t lease for too long. Two to three years is ideal. After that, the warranty is over and you may be paying for some expensive maintenance.#2 Leasing OnlineJust like with almost everything else in your life, you can lease a car online, which is frequently an easier and more pleasant experience than haggling with car salesmen. More and more sites are popping up with pretty objective information about getting the best deal on a leased car. And they’re all about making it easy on you. So, if you’re interested in leasing from your house, check out Carlease.com or Truecar.com. Again, it’s still a good idea to keep in mind all the information I listed above in the dealer section.Here’s some good things about going online:You can quickly and easily find multiple leasing options.There’s no pressure from a sales rep. Take your time!They can offer home delivery (both Carlease.com and Truecar.com offer home delivery)You can set the terms you want instead of arguing with somebody.Honestly, it’s much less of a pain in the neck to go online. Here is a link to Carlease.com where you can browse inventory and lease without having to set foot on a dealers lot.
What is the best option if you must shut down a golf course? Lease out the clubhouse? What is there to do with the green space?
it depends on the zoning. If you have all the green space obviously the best thing to do is to build something on that green space which you can sell or produces income out of.. However, if you are zoned golf course only, then you have to go to the zoning board to get approval to change that use.so I would find out what the zoning is, see what you could do without approval from anyone else. Then look into changing the zoning, the zoning board could withhold changing the zoning for any reasons, and that gets a little scary.
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